Privacy Policy

bebar instantly connects people on regional level or worldwide. Any registered user can post messages that are public by default and may include other content, such as photos, videos and links to other web sites. What is published in bebar can be seen around the world instantly.

This Privacy Policy describes the manner and circumstances in which bebar collects, uses and sharesthe user’s information when the useruses our services. bebar receives the users information through its various websites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, widgets, ads and commercial services (the "Services") and through its partners and third parties. By using any of its Services, the user consents to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of this information as described in this Privacy Policy. Whatever the country where the user residesis or from which the user provides information, the user agrees that bebar uses this information in the Kingdom of Spain and in any other countries in which bebar operates.

If you have questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via contact@bebar.com.

Data collection and Use of Information

Basic Account Information: When the user creates or reconfigures a bebar account, the user provides personal information such as his name, username, password and email address. In some cases, bebar may ask the userto provide hisphone number, for example to use bebar via SMS or to help prevent unwanted information, fraud, or abuse. The usersname and username are published on theServices, including on hisprofile page and in search results. Some services, such as search, public user profiles and bar informationdo not require registration.

Additional Information: The user might provide bebar with profile information to make public, such as a short biography, location, websites, social networks, or photographs. The user may also provide bebarwith information to customize theaccount, such as a mobile phone number for sending SMS messages. bebar may use thecontact information to send information about its services or for marketing purposes. bebar can use the account settings to unsubscribe the user from bebarnotifications. The user can also unsubscribe himself by following the instructions included in the notice or the instructions on the website. bebar may use this information to help others find the users bebar account, also through third party services and client applications. Privacy settings control aspects of the information the user will provide. The user may decide upload his address book so that bebar make suggestions about users who know him or user he might know.The user can remove his address book contacts imported to bebar at any time. If he sends bebar an email, bebar may retain this message, email address and contact information to respond to therequest. If the user connects his bebar account with an account from another service to share Content between bebar and other service, such service may send his registration information or service profile, and any information he authorize. This information sharing through out various services and publications helps bebar to improve the Services. This information will be removed from bebar if the user disables his bebar account. Providing the additional information described in this paragraph is absolutely optional.

Information bars: Each user can create bars in bebar and give the name and the theme he wants to. bebar encourages owners of real bars to create a virtual bar at bebar with the name, address, opening hours, contact and background information. However, bebar does not control at any time if the created bars do have a connotation to a food or drink service establishment or existing gastronomy service. If a user who creates a bar with a real equivalent without having a relationship with the site, he should consider possible copyright infringements as e.g. the use of logos and publishing information related to the establishment. For more information check the definition and procedure regarding to copyright infringements in the bebar terms and conditions.

Public Information: The Services are primarily designed to help the user to share information with the world. Most of the information the user provides to bebar is information he is asking bebar to do public. This includes not only the messages heposts and metadata provided to publications such as the data provided when he has sent a message, but also the bars and circles created, the people and friends, the messages and many other information generated through the use of the Services. bebar may use this information to personalize the content bebar shows the user, including advertisements. By default, bebar almost always publishes the information the user provides to bebar until such time as he removes it. bebar can offer certain configurations available to make such information more private if desired. The Services distribute the public information of the user instantly to a variety of users, customers, and services. For example, a public user profile information and public messages areimmediately delivered via SMS and APIs to the members and others, including search engines, developers, and publishers to integrate bebar content in their services, and institutions such as universities and public health agencies to analyse information to observe trends and opinions.

When sharing information or content such as photos, videos and links through the Services, the user should think carefully about what he ispublishing.

Location information: The users location may be published in his posts and profile on bebar. In addition, bebar may use other data from the users device to determine its location, such as information on wireless networks or mobile signal towers near his mobile or IP address. bebar may use and store information about the users location to provide certain features of bebar services, such as sending messages with the users location, and to enhance and personalize the Services, for example, more relevant, such as bars and local trends, stories, ads content and suggestions for people to follow.

Links: bebar can retain information on how the user interact with links through the services, including e-mail notifications, third party services, and client applications, redirecting clicks or by other means. This is done in order to improve the services, provide more relevant advertising, and share aggregate statistics of clicks as, for example, how many times the user have clicked on a particular link.

Cookies: like many websites, bebar uses cookies and similar technologies to collect additional data on site usage and to improve the services, but bebar does not use cookies for many parts of the Services.

A cookie is a small data file that is transferred to the hard drive of the computer. bebar may use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how the user interacts with the Services, to monitor aggregate use by theusers and web traffic routing on the Services and personalize and improve them. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies. The user can change the settings of his browser to stop accepting cookies or to in form him before accepting a cookie from the websites hevisits. However, some services may not function correctly if the user disables cookies. Learn more about how to use cookies and similar technologies in the Cookies Policy.

Registration Data: When a user uses the bebar Services, bebar may receive information such as the your IP address, browser type, operating system, web page background, web pages visited, location, service provider, mobile, device information (including ID device and application), search terms, and information about cookies. bebar receives registration information whenever the user interacts with Services, for example, when he visits bebar websites, subscribes to the Services, interacts with email notifications, uses his bebar account to authenticate to a website or a third party application or the user visits a third party website which includes a bebar button or widget. bebar may also receive data register when a user clicks a link to a third party application, see, or interact with it in the Services, such as when he chooses to install another application through bebar. Kindly delete your data through a request to contact@bebar.com according to the legislation, e.g. the organic law on data protection.

Facts on widgets: bebar can customize the Services to the user based on his visits to third party websites that integrate bebar buttons or widgets. When these websites first loaded bebars buttons or widgets for viewing, bebar receives registration data, including the website the user visited and a cookie identifies his browser and may use data widgets to customize content for the user as suggestions about who follows bebar and other content that interest the user. The personalized content is stored only on browser cookies or ID of the device and is separated from other data widgets, such as information on websites visited. In connection with messages, log data and other information that bebar receives as a result of interaction with buttons or widgets bebar, please read the other sections of this Privacy Policy.

Trade services: The user can provide his payment information, including the number of his credit- or debit card, expiration date of the card, the CVV code and billing address along with his mailing address to complete a commercial transaction on bebar. It can also provide the number of his credit- or debit card to use third party payment methods. To facilitate future purchases bebar stores payment information, which does not include the CVV code and mailing address;the user can delete his account information at any time through his account settings. bebar believes that his payment information and shipping address are private and therefore bebar doesn´t do public. bebar collects and stores information created by the purchases made in bebar. If a user registers his credit-or debit cardon bebar using third party payment method services (e.g. such as PayPal), bebar receives information about transactions from those service provider of third parties. Transaction data and registered card data may include the merchant's name and the date, time and amount of the transaction. bebar uses data from registered card to verify eligibility for services related to the card and can also use this information to limit the number of deals available to the userand keep track of their bids.

Third and affiliates: bebar uses several third parties to provide their services and to understand and improve the use of its services, such as Google Analytics and registration via Facebook. These other service providers may collect information sent by the users browser as part of a request for a web page, such as cookies or the usersIP address. It is possible that business partners of bebar share information with bebar, like a browser cookie ID, a website, URL accessed mobile ID or cryptographic hash of a common account identifier (such as email) to help beBa revaluate and customize ads. This allows bebar, for example, to show announcements about things that have already shown interest. bebar may also receive information about the user from the corporate affiliates to help bebar provide, understand, and improve itsservices and the services of its members, including the delivery of advertisements.

Sharing and disclosure

If the user is a registered user of bebar Services, bebar provides tools and configuration options in the account to access or modify the personal information the user have provided to bebar and that is associated with the users account.

Service providers: service providers are welcome to perform functions and provide services in the Kingdom of Spain or from other countries. bebar may share the users personal information with these service providers under obligations of confidentiality consistent with this Privacy Policy, and provided that the third party use the users personal data only on bebars behalf and according to the instructions of bebar. bebar shares the users payment information with providers of payment services to process payments, prevent, detect and investigate fraud or other improper activity, facilitate the resolution of disputes, such as those caused by charges or refunds and for other purposes related to the acceptance of credit- or debit cards. bebar may share the number of the userscredit- or debitcard with service providers to realize payments to control transactions on the card for merchants and track the activity of trade.

Sellers of products and services: if the user purchases products or services on bebar, bebar can provide the seller, commercial provider or market the name of the user, email address, shipping address, payment Information and transaction data to facilitate payment processing, order delivery and settlement of disputes (including disputes relating to payments and shipments) and to help prevent, detect and investigate fraud and other prohibited activities. Consult the privacy policies of these third parties to learn more about their privacy practices.

Mandatory rules and damage: not with standing with any contrary detail in this Privacy Policy, bebar can preserve or disclose the users information if bebar believes it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request to protect the safety of any person, to troubleshoot fraud, security or technical, or to protect the rights or bebar property. However, the provisions of this Privacy Policy do not intent to limit any legal defences or objections the user may have against an order for disclosure of his information to a third party, including a government entity.

Transfers between companies and affiliates: if bebar is affected by a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, the users information may be sold or transferred as part of that situation. This Privacy Policy will apply to the users information that is transferred to the new entity. bebar may also disclose information about the user to bebars corporate affiliates to help bebar provide, understand, and improve its services and the services of its members, including the delivery of advertisements.

Information that is not private or personal: bebar may share or disclose information about the user that is not private, aggregated information and other information that does not constitute as personal data, such as public information in the user profile, public messages, people the user added as friends or added the user as friend, the number of users who clicked on a particular link or reports to advertisers on unique users who saw or clicked on their ads once bebar eliminated any private and personal information (asthe usersname or contact information).

Changing personal information

If the user is a registered user of bebar Services, bebar provides tools and configuration options in the account to access or modify the personal information the user have provided to bebar and that is associated with the users account.

The user can also delete his bebar account permanently. If he follows the instructions, the account will be deactivated and deleted. When the user deactivates his account, it will not appear on bebar.com after a few days.

Our policy regarding children

bebar services are not designed for people under 13 years. If a user notices that his child has provided personal information without his consent, please contact bebar via contact@bebar.com. bebar consciously does not collect personal information from children under 13 years. If bebar becomes aware that a child under 13 has provided bebarwith personal data, bebar reserves the right to delete such information and terminate the child's account.

Changes to this Policy

bebar may revise and amend this Privacy Policy periodically. The latest version of the policy governs the use of user information.

Effective: February 20, 2015